Insurance & Financing


We are pleased you have chosen Minnesota Eye Consultants - Oculoplastics for your cosmetic needs. Health insurance coverage is complex and we understand the confusion over patient responsibility versus your insurance carrier. Therefore, we put together some information to help guide you through the process. Please feel free to discuss your financial matters with us at any time. It is our hope that we can make this process as smooth as possible.

Please check with your insurance company(s) to verify coverage of the service(s) you are going to have.  
Please remember that ultimately it is your responsibility to know your insurance plan and benefits. Recent trends lean toward annual benefit changes in your health plan, typically reducing the amount of coverage or type of benefits offered. You should also be aware that most insurance companies do not cover routine eye exams. If you have only medical coverage, without a medical complaint or medical diagnosis, you will be responsible for your bill.

Check with your primary care doctor, if listed on your insurance card, to determine if a referral is required for coverage.


Care Credit ApplyMinnesota Eye Consultants - Oculoplastics offers a variety of programs and payment plans to make the cost of vision care easy and manageable. Enjoy convenient financing as low as 0% down and 0% interest, low minimum monthly payments, and no annual fees!

Call 1-800-Eye-To-Eye for more information or visit www.carecredit.com. For your convenience, a payment calculator has been provided below to help you estimate payments:

Calculate your low monthly payment.


The co-pay amount listed on your insurance card will be collected at the time of your visit, if applicable. 
You will be responsible for any co-pays and deductibles, as well as any services not covered by your insurance policy. For charges not covered by your individual insurance plan, we require payment in full at the time services are rendered. Prompt pay discounts are available on certain services. Please ask at the front desk. We accept cash, check or Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express as payment for services.